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Movin' and Groovin' with Math Songs & Activities: Geometry & Patterns

K-1 teacher Misti Simmons of Evansville School in Casper, Wyoming, loves to play the guitar during transition times, integrating movement into warm-ups. Even as children hang up their back packs they know to look to the Smart Board to see what's rockin' today. No down time in this K-1 classroom!

Misti sent in the extensive collection of links for songs and activities that she uses with her kids. The blog will feature them over the next several months, by content. Warning: After listening to these, I've been known to walk around for days, chanting the lyrics. They're catchy!

Bridges Grade 1 Advice for Unit 3, Sessions 1-10

Where should you be now? If you’re on track you are close to, or done, with Unit 2. The year I had a student teacher, finishing the last unit exactly the day before school let out in June, I was finishing Unit Two and just starting Unit Three the week before winter break started. Hopefully you’re a little ahead of where I was. There are 21 Sessions in Unit 3, and you have approximately 33 teaching days in December and January. If you should happen to finish before the end of January, just go straight into Penguins.

Number Corner Grade 2 Advice for December

December Number Corner Planners, filled out for each day of December, have been posted on the Support page. 

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