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Predictions & Guesses & Estimates, Oh My!

In second grade we do a great deal of predicting and estimating and maybe even some guessing.  As we work with our students, I believe it’s important that we help them to see the distinctions among these vocabulary words and to point out that they are not interchangeable.


How to Create a Culture of Math Risk-Takers

How to Create a Culture of Math Risk-Takers I teach at an IB World school where we focus on certain Learner Profile Attributes. Basically, these are character traits we would like our students to embody. This month our school is focusing on the attribute of risk-taking. I explain this to my first graders as being willing to try something new even if there’s a chance of failure.

Planning for the Year

A teacher friend of mine plans to return to first grade after a long hiatus. She remarked, "I'm nervous, but I think that's probably true for even the most experienced teachers." It's certainly true for me. With a new school year comes both jitters and a lot of excitement. I enjoy planning, organizing, and considering what is in store for my new students.


Mastering the Skills of Estimation

Children need lots of practice, with various activities in different settings, to develop a strong sense of number. I like to introduce a fun activity, Estimation Bag. I place a small plastic container inside a canvas bag, and a student adds a single type of object: paperclips, pennies, barrettes, etc. We start with 10 or fewer and increase the quantity to between 10 and 20 after a month or so.

Calendar Grid Observations

A few years ago I taught two math groups, back-to-back. In an effort to make use of every possible moment, I created a Calendar Grid Observations Sheet for the fourth grade students to work on as they arrive. Recently, I used it again with third graders.

Exciting Misconceptions

Are you wondering how in the world a student’s misconception could stir enthusiasm in their teacher?

How Are YOU Doing?

You’ve undoubtedly been asked how your students are doing with Bridges lessons by now. But I wonder how you are doing, especially if this is your first year of relying on Bridges for math instruction. Take five minutes to back away from your to-do list and consider whether the following statements ring true. (Notice that you do NOT need to respond to a survey or complete a report! Simply, consider!)



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