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Math Talk Using Sentence Frames

In "Teaching English Language Learners with Bridges" we featured the work of Justin Johnson and his colleagues at Portland Public Schools. He continues to encourage language development during student-centered activities.

Make 10 with Popsicle Sticks

Jen Saul, a third grade teacher from East Palo Alto, California, uses popsicle sticks to help her students learn about combinations of ten. She says,

Math is Beautiful

First grade teacher Shelly Scheafer just shared this amazing video with me. Take a moment and enjoy the beauty of mathematics with us.






The video, fascinating on so many levels, would be an intriguing addition to a study of symmetry.



A Goat Explores Area & Circumference of a Circle

Looking for ways to explore relationships between circumference, radius, diameter and area? Check out The Circle Tool from NCTM Illuminations. You’ll notice three buttons that run along the top of the game window: Intro, Investigation and Problems. With the Intro button selected, you’ll notice an icon of a video camera.

Kindergarten & the Geoboard App

Kindergarten teachers, have you had the opportunity to try out the Geoboard App with your students? You'll be inspired after watching a video by MrsKlineKindergarten. Her students demonstrate how the app can be used to:

Mr. R's World of Math

Have you encountered Mr. R's World of Math? This incredible site, developed by a math education specialist to "keep students smiling and engaged as they learn and master mathematical concepts," includes:

*math videos & songs - place value, fractions, multiplication, number sense, geometry, skip counting, money, early learners, integers, addition facts

Abbott and Costello Attempt Division

For your amusement...Abbott and Costello compute 28 divided by 7. Consider asking students to analyze what happened. What's wrong with the strategies?

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