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Polydron Power!

Portland Public School kindergarten teacher Nicki Eybel recently sent us a great question:

My kindergarten students LOVE Polydron sets. They seem like a fairly "limited" material. The students make boxes and fill them with...well, lots. Then they build pyramid roofs and that's all. Do you have any suggestions to scaffold Polydron learning at this time of year? Or, are we on the "right track" in Room 12?

First Year with Bridges in an Independent School

Blog guest, Alison Fox Mazzola, is a Math Specialist leading her school through the first year of Bridges at St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School in San Mateo, California. Here she reflects on first year implementation in an independent setting. [Photos are from her school.]

Question: How did you first introduce Bridges?

Using "Search Site" for a Blog Entry

As the blog grows, you may find it helpful to become familiar with the "Search Site" function in the cluster of purple navigation buttons at the top right of each page. When you arrive, go directly to "Advanced Search" located right below the keywords box.

Pedagogy in the 21st Century

On YouTube, a two-minute video, 21st Century Pedagogy, suggests that curricular construct and pedagogy in modern times has been based on a model created in the industrial age. In this top-down model, teachers controlled information; it was their job to pass the information on to students. Through decades of repetition, this model has become "the DNA of teachers" or "pedagogical DNA."

Reader Question: Technology & Bridges

Catherine Brasseur, a fourth grade teacher using Bridges in Southern Oregon, wrote in with the following question:

Is anyone out there using technology with Bridges? If so, what kind of technologies and in what ways?

What are people doing if they only have computer and internet access? Are there any web apps that augment Bridges content? For the folks using Apple products, what specific apps are they using?

Thank you for submitting the question, Catherine! Please post responses to her in the comments section below.


My Little Farm

My Little Farm, Bridges Grade 1: Unit 6, is an integrated, thematic unit originally designed to take the better part of 18 instructional days. An alternative schedule has been developed for teachers who prefer to use a 60-minute math instruction time frame each day for six weeks.

A11 Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction on the Farm (Alternate Unit 6 Plan)

Meet the Bridges Authors!

Plans are in the works to introduce readers to Bridges authors through a new blog series. If you have questions for any particular author, please post them or contact me through the link at right.

I wonder...

Have the first grade authors ever lived on a farm?

Do Bridges authors work in an office or write from the couch in their pajamas?

How many tops were spun? Bridges built? Airplanes flown?

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