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What Was Wrong with the Old Way?

What Was Wrong with the Old Way?We’ve all had those conversations in which someone laments that math isn’t taught the same way it was “in the good ole days.” Our understanding of best practices in mathematics has changed, and change can be difficult for everyone.

How to Challenge Your Students in the Moment

How to Challenge Your Students in the MomentWe all have those kids who just come to us as “naturals.” You know, the students who just seem to acquire learning without prompting or much instruction. Often, they enter kindergarten with incredible number sense already.

An Unexpected Lesson

The third graders in Linda Friesen’s class at Gervais (Oregon) Elementary School learned an unexpected lesson during a recent session on area. Although Linda pulled name sticks for random teams, she ended up with one group made up of students who usually excel and another of students who often struggle.

All Systems Go!

Now that we're a couple of months into the school year, it's a good time to reflect on your Number Corner systems. Here are a few tips from a second grade teacher that may help your reflective process...

What Do You Notice?

I was recently at a Getting Started workshop where the leader brought up the base-ten area pieces on the document camera. She asked the teachers seated in the audience, “What do you notice?” 




Bridges First Edition to Be Retired in 2018

The second edition of Bridges and Number Corner launched in 2013, and since then The Math Learning Center has continued to offer materials and support for first edition users. We will continue to produce kits upon request through December 31, 2018, after which we will consider the product line retired.

Polydron Power!

Portland Public School kindergarten teacher Nicki Eybel recently sent us a great question:

My kindergarten students LOVE Polydron sets. They seem like a fairly "limited" material. The students make boxes and fill them with...well, lots. Then they build pyramid roofs and that's all. Do you have any suggestions to scaffold Polydron learning at this time of year? Or, are we on the "right track" in Room 12?

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