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Bridges and FIT Teaching

What makes a teacher great? After years of work in classrooms around the country, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey believe they have a framework that defines the five elements of good teaching practice. In FIT Teaching, educators:




Effective Parent Education

Looking for resources to educate parents? Bridges leaders Barb Blanke, Kimberly Kelly, and Jessica Djuric have compiled a wealth of slides, articles, books, and handouts that could be used for family gatherings, student-led conferences, back-to-school sessions and more. Visit their site Effective Parent Education.

Family Math Night

Chances are your school, like mine, is hosting a Family Math Night in the near future. This is a wonderful opportunity to educate families, encourage parental involvement, and have a great time! Research has shown that family involvement affects the achievement level of students.

Planning for the Year

A teacher friend of mine plans to return to first grade after a long hiatus. She remarked, "I'm nervous, but I think that's probably true for even the most experienced teachers." It's certainly true for me. With a new school year comes both jitters and a lot of excitement. I enjoy planning, organizing, and considering what is in store for my new students.


Have a Wonderful Summer!

The Bridges Blog will return in August. If you have some extra time this summer, check the Virtual Bookshelf for some recommended math reading material or take some time to explore the free MLC apps.

Enjoy your summer break!

Bridges Intervention Kits Now Available

When Bridges Intervention was released in digital-only format last year, Bridges Second Edition users reacted with great enthusiasm. Many were quick to realize the power of this unique intervention program.

Mastering the Skills of Estimation

Children need lots of practice, with various activities in different settings, to develop a strong sense of number. I like to introduce a fun activity, Estimation Bag. I place a small plastic container inside a canvas bag, and a student adds a single type of object: paperclips, pennies, barrettes, etc. We start with 10 or fewer and increase the quantity to between 10 and 20 after a month or so.

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