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Exciting Misconceptions

Are you wondering how in the world a student’s misconception could stir enthusiasm in their teacher?

How Are YOU Doing?

You’ve undoubtedly been asked how your students are doing with Bridges lessons by now. But I wonder how you are doing, especially if this is your first year of relying on Bridges for math instruction. Take five minutes to back away from your to-do list and consider whether the following statements ring true. (Notice that you do NOT need to respond to a survey or complete a report! Simply, consider!)



Anchor Chart Assessment

Teacher Question: I’m not sure whether my students really understand the models and strategies that we’ve been talking about this year. Do you have any ideas about how we might assess them?

Differentiating Work Places

Differentiating Work PlacesWork Places offer an invaluable route for differentiation in my math classroom. When a few students need extra help or extra practice with a math concept, I ask them to meet me at the table during Work Places. I still let them choose a Work Place, but the choices will generally be between two or three activities that target the concept rather than the regular six choices.

Fact Strategy Posters

The Math Learning Center has created 4 sets of free, downloadable posters describing strategies—1 set each for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Blog: Talking Math with Your Kids

Looking for ways to help parents support math development? Christopher Danielson’s blog Talking Math With Your Kids supplies many suggestions to help parents dialogue with children as they “encounter numbers and shapes" in everyday life.

EPIC Online Library

Are you acquainted with EPIC? It’s an online library with over 10,000 children’s books, free for educators. The extensive collection includes math books, both story and concept based. For example, eight of the Sir Cumference series by Cindy Neuschwander are included.




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