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Homework Expectations & Policies

When I first started teaching, homework every night was a MUST! It was an expectation shared by grade-level teams, parents, and administration. I think as team members we secretly competed at times to see who could assign the most homework.

Resolved: More Time for Work Places!

Extra Work Place TimeAll teachers start a new school year with resolutions for improving instruction. Mine is now to increase the amount of time my students have for participating in Work Places. I already appreciate Work Places. First, they’re fun! Second, they focus on particular standards. This combination of fun and focus means my students are motivated to work on necessary skills.

Finding Factors with a Technology Assist

Finding Factors with a Technology AssistOne of the hardest concepts for fourth graders to investigate has to be finding factors of whole numbers. This skill requires problem solving, incorporating both abstract and quantitative reasoning. It also requires a solid grasp of multiplication facts, a source of struggle for some of my fourth graders in the beginning of the year.

Creating a Classroom Climate Around Positive Math Messages

Stanford professor Jo Boaler is working to change attitudes about math education. She observes that many of us grew up with these convictions:


Four Steps for Establishing Work Place Expectations

Four Steps for Establishing Work Place ExpectationsOf all of the routines I teach in my first grade classroom, I consider the Work Place routine the most important. After all, Work Place time is when I will differentiate instruction, meet with small groups, and assess students.

Making Bridges Your Own

A colleague recently reflected on her year with Bridges. She sighed and said, “You know, I really started to love Bridges when I realized I could make it my own.”


Why Is Math Taught Differently Today?

Many of us--parents and teachers alike--were taught math in ways very different from how today's students are taught. In this video, Raj Shah, an admitted math enthusiast, compares math teaching methods of the past and present and explains how today's students are being taught to think mathematically.



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