Bridges First Edition Support Materials

We are committed to facilitating the successful implementation of all MLC materials and offer an extensive collection of free resources here on this website. 

For additional questions and advice we invite you to contact our Curriculum Specialists at or 800-575-8130.

Grade Level Pages

To support Bridges in the classroom we provide grade level specific pages featuring a range of additional items including planning guides, implementing guides, supplemental student materials, and links to useful external resources. 

Go Grade K, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5.

Support for Families

For families of students in classrooms using Bridges we provide an orientation to the program, homework help tips, and a host of grade specific resources for home use.  Go to Support for Families

Bridges Blog

The Bridges Blog provides advice and ideas for successful implementation.  Once a month a digest of the content is sent out via Bridges e-News.  We invite you to view the blog and to subscribe to Bridges e-News.

CCSS and State Standards

We have assembled supplements aligned to the Common Core State Standards as well as selected individual state standards. Content includes supplemental activities and worksheets, daily planners pacing guides, and correlations. View CCSS Standards or State Standards.

Additional Resources

Administrator Handbook – The Administrator Handbook provides guidance about how principals and other administrators can help teachers successfully implement the Bridges curriculum. The handbook includes ideas about how to support teachers and evaluate the success of the curriculum in individual classrooms and in the entire school.

Blended Classrooms
Using Bridges 1st Editon & CCSS Supplements in a Multi-Grade Class
Blending Grades 1 & 2 Sample
Blending Grades 3 & 4 Sample