Common Core State Standards Resources

Supplement Sets

Revised in Spring 2013, the Bridges grade level CCSS supplements include the following:

  • Activities and worksheets to align Bridges First Edition to the Common Core State Standards.
  • CCSS correlations including specific information for Number Corner.
  • Monthly planners and year-long pacing guides.
  • Answer keys.

All Bridges CCSS supplements are available for free in the MLC online catalog. In additon to the updated supplements, product pages also feature links to:

  • Compilations of student pages only in English and Spanish.
  • Materials from the previous edition including the grade level supplement in it's entirety in English and Spanish as well as answer keys.


Revised Number Corner Quarterly Assessments
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Comprehensive Growth Assessments for CCSS, based on materials included in Bridges second edition, are available by request to educators in schools that have purchased Bridges or Number Corner first edition. One assessment is available for each grade K-5, and each assessment addresses every Common Core standard for that grade. You can use these as summative assessments at the end of the school year, administer them 2-3 times throughout the year to measure growth, use them as a flexible bank of test items for constructing extra assessments throughout the year, or to retest skills assessed elsewhere in the program. 

CCSS Assessment Guides - With the shift towards reporting student proficiency with the Common Core Standards, you may want to consider what standards you will assess and report on in a given quarter or trimester. Your decision will be based on the correlations and units and workouts you are teaching. There is also the question of how to assess given multiple opportunities in a variety of settings. The following assessment guides offer a starting point for those conversations. Documents like these might be helpful to include in a report card by replacing the assessment column with comments.
GR K   GR 1   GR 2   GR 3    GR 4   GR 5