Bridges Student Gallery – Grade 5

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Grade 5

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Quilt Block Fractions

Curriculum Source
Bridges, Grade 5, Unit Four, Session 16

Contributed By
Aaron Gahringer, Wenatchee, WA

Contributor Notes
Comments by Allyn Fisher: Here are two quilt blocks designed by fifth graders in Aaron Gahringer’s class. Aaron teaches in Wenatchee and the majority of his students are English Language Learners. Students were asked to design a symmetrical quilt block on a geoboard, transfer it to paper, and color it in any way they liked. Then they created a key to show how much area each color covered. Because the entire block was assigned an area of 1, these were fractional parts. Aaron also asked his students to title and describe their blocks. I was impressed by the fact that the assignment facilitated such a wide range of responses.