Bridges Student Gallery – Grade 1

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Grade 1

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November Friday’s Figuring Chart

Curriculum Source
Number Corner Grade 1, Volume 1, November Friday’s Figuring

Contributed By
Pia Hansen Powell, Cheyenne, WY

Contributor Notes
I suggested the class select three colors to build a November leaf pattern. However, the students had just gone to the park picking leaves in all the fall colors and really wanted to generate a five-element, growing pattern. I love how Bridges allows for student-generated ideas within the rich mathematical explorations. Thirty is a great number to study because of the units of five and tens. It was evident that students could use multiple models to make connections to money, the ten frames, Unifix cubes and hundred charts. If you look closely you'll also notice a bit of white tape covering some of the calendar squares. Students are able to self correct their work using algebraic thinking and reasoning even in first grade!