Bridges Student Gallery – Grade 2

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Grade 2

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SpongeBob SquarePants Churn Dash Quilt

Curriculum Source
Bridges, Grade 2, Unit One, Sessions 19-21

Contributed By
Kemmis Rath, West Linn, Oregon

Contributor Notes
The kids in my class love SpongeBob, so when we made our first quilt in late September, I bought some SpongeBob wrapping paper and we took it from there. I know their comments are hard to see, so here some examples: “If you put the big green triangles together there are four big green squares in each column.” (One square wide.) “There are 192 triangles.” “Each column has 24 SpongeBob rectangles.” (Looking at it the long way as it was originally pinned up.) “If you take four corner triangles it makes two squares.” “There are 96 turquoise triangles.”

The lesson for me as a teacher is that there is a lot of number in geometry!