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Calendar Displays

Curriculum Source
Number Corner, September to December

Contributed By
Leslie Kiick, Wenatchee, Washington

Contributor Notes
Comments by Allyn Fisher: If you have your kindergartners make their own markers for the calendar, here is a new idea. At the end of each month, remove the markers from the calendar grid pocket chart and glue them onto a sheet of butcher paper. Early the next month, hang the chart and invite students to make observations. Add a title and some of the their comments, and you have a beautiful and mathematically powerful display.

Leslie Kiick, a kindergarten teacher at Newbury School in Wenatchee, Washington started making these displays several years ago as a way to chronicle the history of her students' work through the months. Teachers all over the country, including Karen Whistler and Marie Doherty, who both teach at South Park School in Deerfield, Illinois, have picked up on the idea and think it's just terrific.

The September and October examples here come from Leslie and the November and December displays come from Karen and Marie.