Bridges General Resources – Kindergarten

Scope and Sequence

Bridges Kindergarten by strand and by month. To request printed copies please send an email to

Skills Across the Grade Levels

These charts identify the instructional level (e.g., introduced, developed, mastered) at which major skills and concepts are addressed during the year. They also provide information about how these skills and concepts are addressed in Bridges Grade 1.  Kindergarten Skills Across the Grade Levels  (0509)

Inventory List

This list outlines every item included in each Bridges package allowing you to keep track of all your materials. Kindergarten Inventory List.

CCSS Aligned Yearlong Assessment

In addition to the formative assessments you are currently using in Bridges, including work samples, observations, interviews, and paper-pencil tasks, we've created new assessments designed to meet the Common Core State Standards. These assessments are accompanied by a Class Checklist and Scoring Guide to help you measure the progress your students are making throughout the year. Many CCSS standards are best assessed in an interview setting. We appreciate the challenge of finding the time to interview each of your students, but know you'll find the information very helpful as you plan your lessons and differentiate Work Places and Number Corner routines. These assessments are intended to be given in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. The CCSS Assessment Map has a recommended schedule, although ultimately you will want to consult with your school, district and state expectations. Click the following link to access the CCSS page containing the document.
Kindergarten CCSS Assessment