Bridges in Minnesota

Gathered on this page is state-specific information for Bridges in Mathematics.

For more about the curriculum and materials please visit our comprehensive virtual preview. Current users may also be interested in the resources available within Bridges by Grade, accessible via the left-hand channel on this page.


We have fully correlated the Bridges curriculum to the latest Minnesota state standards.  Correlations include details for all three components of Bridges including the Units, Number Corner, and Supplementary Materials. View a K-5 Summary or see the detailed correlations by grade level below.

Grade K  (12/10)
Grade 1  (12/10)
Grade 2  (01/10)
Grade 3  (06/10)
Grade 4  (09/10)
Grade 5  (06/10)

Bridges Supplement Sets for Minnesota

In addition to the core elements of the program we have created a set of supplemental activities and worksheets to ensure we fully meet state requirements.

Grade K  (12/10)
Grade 1  (12/10)
Grade 2  (05/11)
Grade 3  (04/11)
Grade 4  (04/11)
Grade 5  (11/12 fixed p..A8.6)

For additional resources including new practice activities and worksheets please visit the Bridges grade level pages.

Alternate Parent Letter for Unit 5 Replacement Supplement A5

For those fourth grade teachers in Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, and elsewhere who are using Supplement A5, Multi-Digit Multiplication (in place of most or all of Unit 4 or 5), download this alternate parent letter.