Support for Grade 5 Families

If your child is using Bridges Grade 5, you may find the resources below helpful.

Parents' Guide to Student Success  (PDF)

The National PTA offers the Parents' Guides to Student Success to help families understand what students should be learning at each grade level, based on the Common Core State Standards.

Math with Your Fifth Grader (PDF)

This handout offers advice on how to help with homework and make math a fun and useful part of family life. English  Spanish

Parents as Partners

The Oregon Council for Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) offers a pamphlet to assist parents in their efforts to support and encourage their children in mathematics. Download the pamphlet.  English  Spanish.

Math Vocabulary App 

Use the Math Vocabulary Cards, available as a free download from the AppStore or as a web app, to deepen conceptual understanding of key terms in mathematics. Each card features three sections: a math term, a representative example or model, and a concise definition. Each section can be hidden or revealed providing multiple options for practice. Vocabulary cards can be selected individually or by category and switched seamlessly between English and Spanish.

Free Apps from MLC 

Virtual versions of the visual models and manipulatives used in Bridges Grade 5 are available for use with iPads or online. To download or learn more about these free apps, click here.

Home Connections for Grade 5

Online Skills Practice for Grade 5

Age-appropriate computer games can help your child practice basic skills. The links below will take you to free online games that may be helpful and fun for your fifth grader. (You may need to update the browser on your computer or install free plugins like Flash or Shockwave for these games to work.)

Play each game first to make sure it matches your child’s interests and abilities. You might need to help your child get started with each game. If your child has trouble focusing, the graphics may be too distracting. Children benefit from hands-on experiences and interaction with other people, so when you have time, play board games and talk to your child about the math he or she is doing. There is no substitute for your interest and involvement!

Online Skills Practice, Grade 5

Read Math Books Together

Children of all ages enjoy sharing books with a caring adult. Visit our Virtual Bookshelf for suggested titles that will help improve skills, foster positive attitudes toward math, and create opportunities for family togetherness.