Bridges in Spanish

This page summarizes which Bridges components are available in Spanish and where to find them. In general resources in Spanish can be found in the same location as the English versions.


All student materials have been translated into Spanish and are in pdf format on the data disk that comes with each Bridges classroom kit. To order additional copies call 800-575-8130. (Bridges users only). One exception–the Number Corner Calendar Captions (months, days of week) are not included on the data disk. Click here to download PDF:  Standard version,  Small version

Student Books

All student book titles are included on the blacklines data disk in pdf format. 
In addition, the following titles can be found online:
Home Connections (within Support for Families)  Gr KGr 1Gr 2Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5
Bridges Practice Book  Gr KGr 1Gr 2Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5
Select titles are available in consumable, preprinted format. See links below to product pages.
Number Corner Student Book   Gr 1Gr 2Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5
Workplace Student Book  Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5
Bridges Student Book  Gr 4Gr 5

Supplemental Materials

Translated student materials for the CCSS Supplements are included as links within the English version product pages available in the MLC catalog.

For Families

Several documents offering guidance regarding how to help your student in math.
See Support for Families  Gr KGr 1Gr 2Gr 3Gr 4Gr 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The blacklines data disk in my kit did not include Spanish. Why not and how can I get these translations?
A: Bridges K-2 kits have included Spanish on the data disks for several years.  However, for grades 3-5, kits shipped prior to 2011-12 did not include Spanish. New or additional disks may be purchased by calling 800-575-8130. (Bridges users only).
Q: Why are only some student book titles available in consumable format?
A: The selected titles are the most requested. We will continue to evaluate others over time.